Our Presentations

Optimum Lighting prides itself on being a leader in the commercial lighting industry. Our presentations are unique and carefully thought out. As a preferred OEM, we can assure our clients that they won’t receive one simple “out of the box” solution. Our goal is to present you with a variety of options to meet your short and long term needs. We believe that a well educated customer can make decisions that will help facilitate the best possible site solution. We encourage our clients to take advantage of our web-based or on line seminars to help provide continuing energy education and training. In addition, we offer on-site, personalized training sessions that are ideal to educate your entire team on the latest technology (and fixture) options.

Our goal has been to securely position our company to assist our Partners on every level. Our experienced Presentations Department is equipped to prepare a point by point, comparative analysis and make fixture recommendations.

As an Optimum Partner, our department becomes your department. We strive to insure that the presentations we prepare are customized. We believe a comprehensive proposal should showcase your logo and feel unique to your customer. Our presentations highlights may include:

  • Site Evaluation Studies
  • Present System vs. Proposed System Analysis
  • Wattages
  • Savings
  • Epact Tax Information
  • Utility Rebate Offerings
  • Environmental Advantages
  • Return On Investment Calculations
  • Fixture Cut Sheets
  • Notes Pages
  • Operating Hours
  • Supporting Documentation.