• Establish goals (energy efficiency, aesthetic, technical)
  • Survey all existing equipment and light levels
  • Identify installation requirement

Site Analysis

  • Analyze if an energy conservation lighting upgrade is the best solution for your company
  • Determine a variety of appropriate solutions and design specifications
  • Determine area utilization for control possibilities

Energy Efficient Solutions

  • Determine amount of energy that will be averted
  • Provide ROI calculations
  • Research rebates and any other cost offsets
  • Provide information on Epact potential

Design Specifications

  • Utilize all information to determine a final set of design specifications

ROI (Return on Investment) Analysis

  • Part of the “added value” we offer our customers is a complete return on investment analysis (Case Study) with all supporting documents and specifications.

Determine Rebate Participation Levels & Processing

  • In an effort to keep up with the high demand for energy, many utility companies are offering incentives in the form of rebates. It is our job to help you navigate through the possibilities and options.

Environmental Impact Analysis

  • As human consumption of energy continues to increase, further research and development will be necessary to keep up with demand. This demand will continue to foster new innovations in energy technologies with the focus on efficiency and conservation. Our analysis keeps us educated on our current efforts and helps us to determine future needs.