The Optimum Solution:

Webster’s defines “Optimum” as the amount or degree of something that is “most favorable”. At Optimum Lighting, we believe that the solutions we provide our customers are the “most favorable” for their business. We look past today, to see where you will be tomorrow and provide solutions that can help take you there. As the cost of energy rises, the need to conserve becomes a top priority. We strive to provide you with the most extensive list of possibilities.

  • Immediate, creative solutions
  • Rapid deployment of hardware
  • Quick hanging mechanisms and assemblies
  • The largest variety of HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting solutions; including many patented products.
  • Full service audits, energy impact evaluations, designs, proposals, construction and installation, in a timely and professional manner.
  • “Instant-On” technology
  • Lighting controls and dimmable applications
  • Cooler operating fixtures that further reduce energy costs and allow HVAC systems to operate more efficiently.