Warehouse Applications

Philips Optimum offers a large selection of warehouse opportunities.  Every year we identify new needs from the market and respond to those needs with innovative products and services.  Our fixtures address every area in an industrial environment.  From exterior to open wareouse spaces, from stairwells to cold storage.  The fixtures promise signifacant kwh savings, ease of use and maintenance, the possibility of utility rebates and a direction toward a green facility.


Open Floor, Shelving & Racking Exterior Refrigeration – Cold Storage  Offices

Open floor, shelving and racking


What are the needs in your facility?  Optimum High bay products can be adapted to address a number of issues.  Kwh and cost savings are just two benefits our customer’s find.  Light throw, light spread, heat, dimming, dust covers and protective hardware comprise the different elements of many of our High bay fixtures.

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Building exterior


Our exterior offerings have proven to exceed the competion on many different scales.  Product development in this area is growing quickly all of the time.  Philips Optimum has incorporated the latest technology to ensure that peak cost savings and desired light output, as well direction are achieved. 


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 Refrigeration / Cold Storage


Philips Optimum Vaportight fixtures have been specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions in cold storage environments. A wide variety of vaportight products has been created to suit your facility correctly.

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